TenXion Archery Traditional Bow Busur Tradisional Basic Kit Anak Panah Memanah Recurve Arm Finger Thumb Guard Arrows
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Product SKU TenXion Archery- Tradisional Bow, Snake Skin Basic Kit
Brand TenXion
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 6 cm x 140 cm
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1.    1x Traditional bow + string
2.    3x arrow


Set ini termasuk:

1.    1x Traditional bow + string
2.    3x arrow

Material:    Epoxy fiberglass, locust wood (hardwood)
Poundage: 15/20/25/30/35/40lbs
Pilihan Warna Bow Untuk Link ini:
1.    Hitam Black
2.    Red Merah
3.    Skin Color Warna Kulit

4.    Camo

Untuk Warna Di Bawah Sila Tngk Link Lain
5.    Leopard
6.    White Black Snake Skin
7.    Red Black Snake Skin

Bow weight:    approx. 0.6kg
Bow length after stringing: (reference only)
    25lbs-1.30m
    30lbs-1.25m
    35lbs-1.40m
    40lbs-1.35m
Suitable class: Adult, Kids, All-level archer
Bow only:
    1x Traditional bow w/ string
    Handmade
    Well-calibrated and perfected straightness for better shooting performance
    Made from epoxy fiberglass which has high resilience and durability
    Bow suitable for both left-hand and right-hand archers (kindly note that only left-hand finger guard is available for right-hand archer)

What is bow poundage?
Poundage (lbs) is the unit used to measure the draw weight of a bow when drawn to 28 inches. The higher the bow poundage, the higher the draw weight exerted on your finger.

Common mistake when choosing our draw weight (bow poundage):
A common mistake we often make when choosing the draw weight of our bow – choosing draw weight that is too heavy for us (especially for beginners). It is much easier for us to learn the proper technique when the draw weight is suitable for us. However, it will become immensely difficult if our bow poundage is too heavy.

How to determine my suitable draw weight?
If you are unsure, we would always recommend that you start with a lower draw weight. There is no “right/correct” draw weight as it’s just a matter of suitability and the simplest advice that we can give here is to pick your draw weight according to your fitness and pick the lighter draw weight when in you are in doubt.
Basic reference:
Kids: 10-20lbs
Teenager: 15-25lbs
Adult female beginner: 20-30lbs
Adult male beginner: 25-35lbs

Is my draw weight too heavy?
Try holding your bow at target level, draw your bow without much movement and you should be able to point at the target while drawing your bow. If you have to draw at the ceiling/pull your head back every time you draw your bow, your draw weight is possibly too heavy.

What happens if draw weight is too heavy?
Slower improvement, unstable performance, inaccuracy and possibly picking up bad shooting habits that are difficult to unlearn.


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What's in the box

1.    1x Traditional bow + string
2.    3x arrow