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30LBS 10 arrows Right Handed Youth Compound Bow Archery Set
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If  you are a youth looking for a bow that is not only good looking but also durable and lightweight, then, our latest design " Recurve Bow" with Cams suits you the most. This bow is known as recurve- alike- compound bow with aliuminium riser, it is only 3.2 LBS with it's length of 35.3 inches. Unlike normal recurve bow, it has upper and lower cams to make it smooth shooting. A long time SOLID performing hunting recurve bow.A new addition to our traditional line, the bow is not only build for good looking, it is also built for durability, performance and convenience. Its lightweight riser utilizes a solid limb alignment system to secure fiberglass laminate limbs.


  • Weight: 3.5 LBS
  • Size:35.3"
  • Draw weight: 30lbs 
  • Brace Height: 7.75-9"
  • Max Draw Length: 23-20"
  • Limb Material : Fiberglass

Product Feature:

  • Light weight Aluminium riser
  • Aluminium Cams
  • All target shooting bow accessories can be installed, like sight, arrow rest, stabilizer etc



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What's in the box

Package Included:

  • 1 x Riser,
  • 2 x limbs,
  • 3 x Bow String
  • 1 x Arrow Rest
  • 1 x Allen Key set
  • 1 x Sight
  • 10 x Fiberglass Arrows